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When it comes to the rifles we build, we're obsessed with one thing: Precision.
In the field, we often only get one shot. We owe it to ourselves, and our sport, to have the confidence to make it count.
Choose proven performance. Choose The Real McCoy.

3....2....1....Send it!

One work of Precision

At a time

A rifle that stands out from the crowd

The Inception
When TRM owner and gunsmith Chris McCoy set out to design a hunting rifle, he wanted to design a rifle that not only looked good and shot better than he could, but would also be corrosion resistant, easy to carry, and affordable. He also wanted each rifle to be collectable and worthy of being passed down to the next generation. A rifle to be proud of.

After spending hundreds of hours building relationships with manufacturers, and sorting through thousands of options, he realized there was no way to have it all with a single line of rifles. Ultimately he concluded that he would need three families of rifle, each with their own unique offering.


The Results
The first family of rifles is called 'The Working Man' and is the perfect balance between cost, performance, and quality for the performance-minded hunter. It is built based upon a stainless steel blueprinted Remington 700 action and match grade 'remage' style barrel. It is bedded into a fiberglass stock with a pillar bedded v-block.

The second family is called 'The HitchHiker' and is a super-light version of 'The Working Man'. It comes with a fluted barrel, fluted bolt, skeletonized bolt handle, threaded knob, and titanium recoil lug. It uses a traditional barrel and seat. To save additional weight, the v-block isn't utilized and instead the action is bedded directly into a carbon fiber stock. "The Hitchhiker" will become available in late 2019.

The third family is called 'The Aficionado' and is built from the same stainless steel blueprinted Remington 700 receiver as the 'The HitchHiker'. It comes with a blended muzzle brake, fluted barrel, fluted bolt, skeletonized bolt handle with interchangable knob. It is set into an exhibition grade hardwood stock of claro or european walnut. "The Aficionado" will become available in late 2019.

TRM = PROVEN Performance

Each TRM Precision rifle is field tested with commonly used ammunition, as well as our own custom precision ammunition. They are then graded on performance and that information is uploaded into our database.
This information is available to you based upon the serial number of the rifle. So you can actually see how the rifle shoots before you buy it!
You also have a starting point for your own custom hand loads, if that is something you enjoy.
This is an industry changing concept (we hope)!

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